Three of four, new set set additions and 40,000 +

Number 3 in a small series of images made at the Queenscliff Music festival.

Shaft of Light from a tent at Queenscliff Music Festival

This weekend saw the usual jaunt into town, and as always the CBD was overflowing with possibilities. Once this sequence of images from Queenscliff is finished and I've processed, them to fit this page I'll start uploading the results here.

In the interim, I want to announce a couple of new sets of my work at flickr.

  • The Basement, brand spankin' new
  • Adventures Over 50 [while this isn't that new I shot a lot on the weekend with my ISO pumped up to 400]
Hit counts on my flickr account

Finally my photo-stream on flickr has clocked the 40,000 + mark, again try getting that kind of coverage in a small inner suburban gallery.

However, one of the things I don't like about flickr is that visitors to my stream get to see only my recently uploaded images, in the order that they are uploaded. Now as both my erstwhile readers will know, this is not how I work.

My methodology involves, wandering around with my camera and making images of anything and everything that catches my eye. Then back at home edit the images in terms of quantity, processing and context, ready to upload, once uploaded they are placed in their applicable sets.

Personally,I would like to see the option for guest and visitors to be able to choose how they see your photo-stream, i.e., do they simply wish to see the most recently uploaded, or the most recently added to set or even maybe the newest sets.

Finally after viewing this set on flickr you'll never look at a wheelie bin the same again!

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