Time and Photography

Just added another gallery to my already growing number of galleries at flickr. This one looks at time and photography, inspired in part by a section of Stephen Shore's book, 'The Nature of Photographs' that deals with photography's ability to change our notion of time. Quoting directly from the book.

"A photograph is static, but the world flows in time. As this flow is interrupted by the photograph, a new meaning, a photographic meaning, is delineated."§

The impetus to push it further started on the summer equinox, with a small series of shots involving the rising sun on a windy day and a clothesline. So given the ease that I can shoot multiple frames from a single viewpoint it seemed logical to expand on this idea. It is not the first time I've done this. I have in fact used this technique on and off over the last couple of years with digital cameras, but now it seems to make sense as an idea unto itself. I know the idea has been explored by others in the past, now though, we have huge networks of machines communicating over vast distances with each other enabling people to see and connect in ways unheard of. Allowing others to see our slices of time minutes after the happen.

Train blurred

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§The Nature of Photographs ISBN# 0-8018-5720-1 pg 37

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