Treadmill Bikes & Bio-feotal-pigs!

Ok here's some goofy news that I doubt the veracity of, if somebody from the US reads this perhaps they can follow it up?

Ever wanted to take your treadmill outside and enjoy the geat outdoors, frustrated by the lack of mobility of this piece of gym equipment? Worry no more. The treadmill bike is here?

While I have no reason to doubt the veracity of this next story, you can just never tell on the WWW. Time based performace art reaches a whole new audience with the use of blogs and the interent.

Quoting the blog directly here.

We found these bio fetal pigs in our ceiling when we were changing the ceiling tiles. They were left by the previous owner Gael Bennett, in 1997 specifically for us ( or someone) to find later.

Like Music, like CG generated rock clips, thenyou'll love this webpage.

Insomnia has some advantages!

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