Trippy Man!

Well the year is winding up. I'm happy with the way things have panned out on flickr, I've met some great folks and even seen some innovative uses of flickr itself. The Melbourne flickr crew got together for a X-mas do recently, here's some snaps, currently dealing with battery issues to get at the rest [my images], [MitchieGirl's]. Boy - ouch my head the next day! It was fun all round and I really liked the location, thanks to Scootie and Donina for organising it, will return camera in hand sans-alcohol for a revisit - one day.

Last week rationalised my archived images on CD, from 5 boxes to one using paper sleeves instead of Jewel Cases, and in the process have actually felt inclined to go back through my archives and start uploading some images. It's nice to know I can grab them all in one hit in a hurry know if needed, and lug them around or flip through them looking for a particular image quite easily.

This particular image I will never be able to reproduce, it's come about from a strange design feature, or is that fault, from my old Kodak DC260 camera. When the card started to get full it would compress the images and give them a whole new file name usually something like EX00000.jpg. Now also the battery readout on the LCD was notoriously inaccurate. So sometimes it would just die with out warning occasionally mid-processing of an image.


bkpr said...

hmmm... startin' to think this flickr business was created solely for another reason to sink a few.... no?

s2art said...

hmm you may have a point there beek......indeed?