Postscipt to the Death of Photoshop?

Well you can't half tell that things have quietened down in this house. Three posts in one day!

So the Behemoth organisation that is Adobe has released a free workflow tool that allegedly competes with Apple's Aperture[more news here]. I've been wondering where Photoshop could go from here, basically as a photographer I use and need probably about 10% of the whole app.

Because of this my heavy duty app of choice is an application called Live Picture, I'm also experimenting with Graphic converter as well. Graphic Converter is super cheap and still does more than I need. Live Picture is elegant doesn't destroy pixels as it works, handles large files with ease on a minimum of ram, edits internally in 16 bits, the list is too long to mention here. While Photoshop has become some sort of de-facto industry standard it isn't the best tool for the job, it certainly isn't the cheapest and I know of at least one person who has discovered that it manipulates colour in a way that is contrary to our way of seeing, [as a consequence they built a tool to work around it].

Anyway while this new tool may be cheap i.e. free, it'll need to do a lot of other things well to sway me. To be honest I have half suspected this for the last version or two of Photoshop, these version upgrades were to say the least uninspiring and I'm not really using much in 8 that didn't exist in 5.5.

Some are speculating some sort of war between Apple and Adobe, to my mind I've always felt Adobe's business model too predatory for my liking, so I still intend on going with Apple's tool anyway.

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