Tree re-dux

Tree re-dux

A re-shoot?.

Shot with the Canon 350d, the original on the Nikon coolpix 5400, not a very good comparison really as I used a tripod on this shot and the lighting conditions were completely different. I also shot this in RAW format and processed it in Graphic Converter, which I'm still learning or trying to learn, compared to the original which was shot as a jpg. The lack of barrel distortion alone is enough for me to like the second shot better than the first, but there are plenty of issues with sharpness and lens aberrations that have me worried about the 12,000 plus images made so far with the Nikon, so much so I'm now shooting in RAW unless I am after a quick response/turnaround on the street or travelling for example.

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bkpr said...

Well, I racoon the first one (with the shadows) is more to my liking. It may be a lttle too dark (maybe 2-3 seconds less on the foliage - what's the exposure time in this area :P). I think the second one looks too plain, i.e.: it looks to me literally like a photo of a tree. The shadowed one on the other hand, shows that there are power lines near by, and I feel the shadow to be somewhat menacing. My 2 pixels.

...oh yeah, Hi s2!