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I'm using Quicksilver these days, and I'm just starting to really appreciate it's strengths and I want to explore it further. What is quicksilver I hear you ask? Well merlinmann a guy over at flickr has very succinctly described it's use in relation to the f11 shortcut that reveals the desktop, and I quote,

F11 a) only _exposes_ the Desktop, b) requires additional clicks to actually find and open anything, and c) ONLY works for the Desktop. This trigger gives you one click access to the contents of any folder no matter how deep in your Mac's or Network's hierarchy. Then you just start typing and you're done.
Remember: almost everything in Quicksilver can be done without even looking at the screen; it's pure muscle memory, and that's a pretty effective memory.

He also provides a link to more info over at 43folders.

I'm sure both my readers will have noticed the lack of images here of late, well, I went nuts over the summer holidays as usual, and now that I'm back at work and working full-time have hardly pulled my camera out. I have a locked-in group, exhibition coming up in May/June this year and after "discovering" a body of work in my archives am planning another in 2007. So what I'm saying is some images should be forthcoming soon, it's just that they will most likely be from the archives.

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