One place, two shots

Flickr is one of those places where you are constantly surprised by who you encounter. I have recently re-connected with Kent Johnson. A wonderful photographer and lively personality to boot. His website is an interesting read. He rather succinctly talks about the process involved in his creative process which was in part the inspiration to these shots, a mere two kilometres or so from my house. Of course if you look hard enough you will see some Robert Adams, some Frank Gohlke and maybe even some Lewis Baltz.

Thanks Kent for the shot in the arm looking forward to our first real life encounter.

As for my creative process, it seems I am more intuitive and time based, I have a vague idea what and where I want to shoot, go look for it, and maybe even revisit several times, process it put it away and come back to it over a period of time and re-analyse it, perhaps take the idea and images further or even go off on another tangent all together. Or maybe just scrap that idea and go somewhere else.


Kent Johnson said...

Thanks S2art. I am flattered; I am looking forward to meeting you & seeing some 'proper' pictures on walls! Highly recommended for all the people who are now becoming aware of the truly creative side of photography via flickr etc.

s2art said...

Happy to oblige Kent, yes there's nothing like the real thing eh?