Last Day Of Autumn

One of Two #2

Today is the last day of Autumn. The light has been magnificent of late. Yesterday I shot several rolls in one of my usual kind of locations, under a freeway that had several on and off ramps with creek running beneath it all, totally incongruous. [A term I use sometimes to describe myself.] Hopefully the light will hold for a few more weeks, as term break for both jobs is just around the corner.

One of the things I love about photography is it's ability to abstract surfaces and add a sense of formality to the everyday. So much so I have a set dedicated to it. This image being the lead opening shot. Taken on a car-park rooftop in Footscray in late 2005.

Minimal Photoshop processing here, except for the usual levels and curves and sharpening.

The MGA are having a competition/show with a deadline set for later this week, I have decided to enter it this year. I am surprised that one of the entry conditions is a small print plus a slide or jpeg! Suits me, my work is as much about the final print as it is about the subject matter, the idea, the emotions evoked by the image and the politics of images. And I have a digital high rez version of the file on my hard drive. It will of course need some work as I have simply scanned it in as a 16 bit file. As digital files are notoriously low in actuance, I will use the Lumnious-Landcsapes sharpening trick with the high pass filter to get the image as sharp as I can

I am printing this image, as it will hopefully form part of my CCP show in 2007, if I get it, the show that is.

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