Flickr Toys

Busy weekend here this weekend.

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Thanks to barb for sending me to check my unofficial flickr score which I'm pretty pleased about, the score that is. It is a very elegant and beautifully designed site by netomer, who is not only one of my contacts, but a damn good photographer too

According to his neat little tool this image made Explore / Interestingness in the last 7 days, I'm kind of not surprised as there was a lot a banter and discussion under this image, and it was faved pretty heavily too. So thanks to Kent, AvD and all the other folks who made comments and faved this image. Now, I'm back to work!


barbfi said...

that photo is a stunner and yes, it triggered a good discussion. always interesting to learn how other photographers handle their work.

s2art said...

thanks barb glad that some folks find something of worth in these discussions :D