So I think but am really guessing, the upload problems I've been experiencing have more to do with location than anything else, will keep posting anyways


andrew said...

Does it only work when you're in a 3G area, perhaps? Next to the signal strength icon on the top left, you'll see a little blue square icon with a few circles in it if you're in a 3G area (I can't think of a better way to describe the icon, sorry). If you don't see that icon, the phone has fallen back to GSM (using GPRS for data), whereupon uploading a multimegabyte JPEG would take an excruciating amount of time. Perhaps that's when it fails?

s2art said...

Thanks for that Andrew, but yes I have the icon displayed on my phone. Fwiw, I usually sit in my study at home and do it, which until recently worked all the time?