Airlines and service?

We flew with 3 separate Airlines on our recent journey, Singapore, Lufthansa, and United Airlines (from the US). In hindsight I will *NEVER* fly with United again if I can avoid it! The other two airlines provided stunning service. From the levels of service we received with United it's easy to tell that they are feeling the pinch from the market, in that, they for example would give free drinks on their International flights, but only if you asked for one, Lufthansa and Singapore on the other hand constantly roamed the aisles with soft drinks all night, the flight attendants too, didn't seem all that concerned with people's well being, again Lufthansa service levels excelled here. United's ticket mechanisms is atrocious as well. We had to ask 3 times to be seated next to each other, once we were even told *we* were at fault by not asking for seat allocations when we paid. Still it will be many years before I can write a list of pros and cons on 3 international airlines.

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