So many photos

Still thinking about how I am going to organise the snaps from the trip, over a Gig of images of varying sizes and taken with 3 different cameras, (which all produce different file names) iPhoto doesn't do to bad a job of organizing them by date, but if I have a mixture of images from several cameras on the same day it gets a bit tricky, need to do a serious edit and get an interesting set of images together so as not to bore folks too much. When I set out I had something particular in mind for the end use of my Kodak dc 260 images, all low rez and for the web only, as we were going to have storage problems whilst away, even with the iPod. The trouble was I couldn't get the iPod to read the 128mg card, so they had to stay put the entire trip, but even that plan went awry. I decided to capitalise on the cheap prices in the states and purchase another new small camera. This camera uses another file naming convention and now I have 3 sets of images at different sizes and with different ideas in mind for their final use. I still need to think how I am going to get the images online for the relos O/S, and perhaps writing up the whole trip itself, something I had hoped to do here on this blog, but Internet access was either expensive or hard to find (often both) that that idea fell in a heap real quick.

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