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Downloaded a new app. today. It's called Farker, and it's an RSS news-reader that displays somewhat goofy headlines from all over the world, also allowing folks to comment on them, some pretty hilarious stuff in there.

Here's an example:-

"Backstreet Boys plan comeback tour. Publicity stunts begin with drunk driving charges"

or this one:-

Aromatic Patrons of CA library asked to leave, proclaim, “… reading stinks anyway!”

pffft, what can I say?

Over the last couple of Mondays, been attending a workshop on Photoshop, run by the inventor of Lobster™ a powerful editing plug-in that gives photographer's complete and correct control over their colour manipulations in Photoshop. Download the demo version, and download the notes/tutorials that go with it you'll be amazed at how it transforms your digital darkroom approach. I have been enjoying the workshop from several aspects, being taught again by a former teacher ( who is an excellent teacher by the way) and seeing how someone else teaches the Photoshop™, as well as getting to peek at Photoshop™ from a slightly different angle, and using it in a slightly different way.

Flickr has been down for some time today, bit of a worry I hope they don't do a dot bomb on me? I'm planning on using the service for some serious artistic investigation over the next few years. I also wanted to link to a couple of the images I made whilst on the School camp over the weekend, will have to wait awhile I guess, or maybe I'll just embed directly here?

On a different note I am not working today, because, and I quote

TEU representatives met with the Vice Chancellor recently to continue negotiations to seek to achieve an agreement for a 2008 expiry date and 22.5% pay rise as outlined in the NTEU's Position Paper on our  EB settlement.
The Vice Chancellor was adamant that she would not be agreeing to either the 22.5% pay claim nor the 2008 expiry date for the agreement.

My small contribution to the news aspect of blogging.

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