Busier Than Ever

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Got a bit going on at the moment.

Recently handed in my 2007 CCP solo exhibition application, and on Friday hand delivered my MGA competition application. Plenty to mull over, will know later this month on the CCP gig, and the 30th of June is the date for the MGA show/prize.

Meanwhile, my new Hasselbald is going great guns, still ironing out the bugs with D25, but once nailed they are going to be awesome shots.

Two things are going on with the 'blad at the moment. One. I am of course shooting in those incongruous places I've always shot, as they invariably have power-lines and all the usual detritus of modern life. Two, I am looking a flat surfaces and exploring a level of formal composition with those flat surfaces. I have discovered a series lane-ways in the CBD one of which is called, Sutherland Lane. This small pocket of Melbourne seems untouched, you can almost hear the horses and carts going about their business delivering and sending goods to and from the various places that commerce existed in Melbourne's early days. Texture and markings on the walls are both recent and ancient, and I hope to revisit there more over the coming months, several sections that see little light really draw me in, with the damp and brick and mould and small plants that barely survive.

One of the things that my forays into digital has also taught me is to really take my time with the 'blad. I mean isn't that the real attraction for a lot of people with digital, myself included, blast away from all sorts of angles and hope for a good one? Well no more, softly softly is the approach now, and with 12 shots to a 'roll' it is rare to finish a roll.

As of this writing I stil have 9 rolls waiting to be processed!

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hamish said...

sounds interesting s2art! Weird that there is no A/C at CCP. Are you in the Kodal Summer Salon?