Colder by the day


Final in this series of images from my flickr sets.

One of the reasons I use flickr and enjoy it so much is the ability to organise my work into sets, which is ultimately what good art photography is generally about, an idea an thought an emotion, and groups of images do that, really well they can use repeated visual elements to move the viewer beyond, oh that's a pretty picture of [insert assanine sunset or baby photo here]

Splashed out yesterday, bought two new books. Photography A Cultural History, by Mary Warner Marien, and Photography Reborn, by Jonathan Lipkin. Possible book reviews to come, Photography Reborn is not too heavy a read so that won't be too hard, the other is a thick historical volume and will take some time to read for sure. Books are another passion of mine and I use a little software app called Books, to keep a record of what I own and who I lend it too. The writer of the software I use now informs me that there is an online catalogue for books, so naturally I signed up.

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ratty said...

hey, thanks for the good advice :)

i've already got a library thing and my user name is addieplum. i think the link is on my blog? i'm gonna go troll your library now...