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archaic rituals

Recently experienced an interesting 'spectacle'. A Dance competition!

Several things that struck me were that this kind of event even existed, that it was actually a competition between 4 dance studios owned by the same company, that folks could get so into the whole competition idea in the first place.

Photographically I new I didn't have a hope in hell of subtle or nice lighting, so I resorted to my one of my favourite techniques in this kind of situation, 'Flash & Blur'. It can be a bit hit and miss, especially over longer distances, but when it works it works well.

Tech specs, f4.3 0.5 sec 400 ISO, flash set to -2. According to my EXIF data in Photoshop.

Here is the EXIF data pulled from the file using Graphic converter.

  • Image title:
  • Make:-NIKON
  • Model:E5400
  • Orientation of image:1
  • X resolution:300.0 ppi (pixel per inch)
  • Y resolution:300.0 ppi (pixel per inch)
  • Resolution unit:inch
  • Software:E5400v1.4
  • File date and time:2006:06:24 20:40:51
  • Y and C positioning:co-sited
  • -- Exif IFD --:
  • Exposure time:1/2 s
  • F number: 4.3
  • Exposure program:Normal program
  • ISO speed rating:400
  • Exif version:0220
  • Date and time of original data generation:2006:06:24 20:40:51
  • Date and time of digital data generation:2006:06:24 20:40:51
  • Meaning of each component:YCbCr
  • Image compression mode:4.0
  • Exposure bias:-0.7
  • Maximum lens aperture:3.0 APEX = F2.8
  • Metering mode:Pattern
  • Light source:unknown
  • Flash:Flash fired, auto mode.
  • Lens focal length: 10.3 mm
  • Color Space:sRGB
  • Valid image width in pixel:2592
  • Valid image height in pixel:1944
  • File source:reserved
  • Scene type:reserved
  • Custom image processing:Normal process
  • Exposure method: Auto exposure
  • White balance:Auto white balance
  • Digital zoom ratio:not used
  • Focal length in 35 mm film:50 mm
  • Scene capture type:Standard
  • Gain control:Low gain up
  • Contrast: Normal
  • Saturation:Normal
  • Sharpness:Normal
  • Subject distance range:unknown
  • Compression scheme:JPEG
  • X resolution: 300.0 ppi (pixel per inch)
  • Y resolution:300.0 ppi (pixel per inch)
  • Resolution unit:inch
  • Offset to JPEG SOI:4596
  • Bytes of JPEG data:6819

I was trying to capture the movement colour and light from the whole night and this is the best I could do. Several things impeded me. The table settings were PACKED in as much as possible not allowing much freedom of movement in and out of them, and being a 'guest' I didn't want to put any noses out of joint by jamming cameras at people in the wrong place or wrong time, besides anyone who knows me will know that a people/portrait photographer I ain't.

The town hall itself was an interesting old building and worthy of several hours of wandering with a camera and tripod. I didn't shoot much by my standards only a dozen or so shots, but the colour and movement seemed well captured, even if I do say so myself.

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