Suburban Gothic

still life at red hill south [Saturday 10.06.2006]

Still no sign of the proofing beginning.

This is from a scanned neg, and I am pleasantly surprised at it's success.

We have been experiencing a little fog here around Melbourne on and off for the last few weeks and finally I got out into it and made a couple of shots, which by the way will fit perfectly into, my Winter Mornings series/idea.

Despite the apparent low contrast in this scene, there was still enough to justify a contraction development of one stop.

The old adage that "everything in photography is a trade off" is even more telling these days. When I was shooting only 5x4 film, no compromise required, each sheet/shot/scene could be developer as required. Now that I'm back using roll-film minutes hours and even sometimes day separate shots so a compromise is often needed. One of the things I've learnt with T-Max film is. NEVER overdevelop under normal lighting situations.

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