Cameras Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction!

which door?

So the irony of it all is laughable... I mean really?

Let me start at the beginning.

It was a glorious winter Friday, barb, thomask, and myself had hooked up for a day of wandering about in the industrial wastelands of Melbourne, we started in the rail yards around Nth. Melbourne rail station. Got a grab or two of some interesting stuff, then got a bit spooked by some weird coincidence whereby several trains all stopped at once in odd places either side of us, we were up high on a bridge looking down over the yards, and moved on to other quieter areas. We made our way to the river under the Bolte bridge eventually, and turned around and headed back to the station, my car was parked there because earlier I had nipped into Vanbar's for some film for the day.

By this point I had shot a lot of film and a few digital photos[more photoshop work]. We next headed to Williamstown for lunch, oh and did I tell you the weather was awesome!

not long after this....

After Lunch we headed to an area that had originally housed a glass factory owned and run by ICI. The factory was in the process of being dismantled and we found an open gate, we had hit pay dirt! So we tentatively wandered in and started snapping away, Tom being the bravest was poking around in all sorts of nooks and crannies and no doubt got the most and probably the best shots. Finally it all came to an end, as we could hear workers elsewhere in the building working and given the current paranoia about cameras, we decided quit while we were ahead.

We meandered off into the back streets around the factory and found some refineries storage areas that were also interesting, with lots of dichotomies between old and new and shiny and dull, a real feat for the lens indeed. After wandering along for a few hundred metres or so and seeing and no doubt being seen by numerous Caltex employees going about their business, we turned a corner and kept walking. Shortly after turning the corner a vehicle approached and slowed, the driver stopped and wound down his window.
"What are you doing?" Was the question in barely concealed tones of contempt. I replied;
"We're just doing an assignment for school"
In my cheeriest non-threatening voice, as he rolled away.

Sadly this was not enough, he came back and told us that security was on it's way to "check us out", in an even sterner tone. We smiled and kept wandering along the public road we were on, engrossed in the plethora of machines, pipes and tanks that surrounded us on this glorious winter's day with a blue blue sky, and not a cloud in sight.

The security never materialised, but we all were able to get some great urban landscapes and some very interesting compositions from our wander along, Ramsay St and Burleigh Sts Spotswood, amongst the Petro-Chemical refineries, but shush don't tell anyone, coz there is a heightened sense of security you realise and cameras are weapons of mass destruction!

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Digital Art Photography for Dummies said...

Interesting eye. Cool locations.

s2art said...

thanks Matthew

jayjuice said...

great story. so many of us have stories like that now. i would love to go on a photowalk with you guys if i ever get over to melbourne again.

s2art said...

sad indeed isn't jayjuice, hook up with us indeed when you're next in melbs, we've been known to have special meetups for interstate and O/S visitors :D