A Question?

Let me ask you both a question?

How would you rate your respect of the natural, the real and the exact?


barbfi said...

way too cryptic/abstract a question to give a meaningful answer to. i.e. "natural" as in beautiful scenery or a huntsman in my bedroom?

thomask said...

1. real
2. natural
3. exact

Donina said...

i'm guessing i'm not a "both", but i'm answering anyway.

1. exact
2. real
3. natural

Donina said...

1. exact
2. natural
3. real

Scootie said...

I have a healthy respect for each, but don't see them in a linear line, arrayed against each other.
In some circumstances one or more of them are the same, especially when talking about things like white balance :)
I have respect for each and will happily sacrifice all three to acheive a specific goal.

p.s.: funny to see the usual suspects read your blog too :)

barbfi said...

how come I'm the only one who doesn't understand the question? :P

Donina said...

you're german :-p