Corrupt CF Card In Nikon Coolpix 5400


Corrupt CF Card

This is an image made recently, shot with my Nikon Coolpix 5400 digital camera. No end of photoshop can fix this

I was not very happy when I saw this as the camera is a mere 2 years old. Several shots later it was obvious that it was a problem that was not going away, by turning the camera on and off or changing, program settings!

I got home and put the camera aside and left it, for a while. Laying in bed on Sunday morning, the only thing I could attribute this issue to was, my having taken the card out on Friday night. So I tried a different card, same thing?

I also put in a fresh battery, still no luck.

So after downloading the images, to my hard drive to preserve them for prosperity, I decide I would re-format the CF card in the camera.

Well whaddya know, all was working again?

If I had encountered issues like this with a camera like my Hasselblad, I could have most likely looked at the camera itself and perhaps, trouble shot the issue and if worst came to worst send it off to somewhere like the camera clinic to have it repaired.

But what of today's digital cameras?

I know several people who just sell on their older cameras as second hand cameras and plough on ahead with the new camera, adding a sense of disposability to the whole issue at hand that isn't applied to analogue hardware. Even so if they did break down, would people pay for the work done? I know I was beginning to think about buying a new camera, such is our throwaway society that we live in?

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