Damaged CCD in Nikon Coolpix 5400

Some great news regarding my camera! I received this e-mail this morning from the Camera Exchange here in Melbourne.

Thank you for your e-mail inquiry.
Yes we do repair Nikon Coolpix units. The image shows there is a failure with the CCD, this repair is to be covered by the importers and done at no charge to the customer. Our general turn around is 10 working days, providing if parts are required they are in stock. If you would send/bring the camera in we will have it repaired for you.

I was half expecting this, as a post on the Nikon flickr forum lead me to believe that some units were being repaired free of charge due to a faulty CCD, it also linked to a page that confirmed this. Oh the joy of it all!

I'm sure some more trawling through my archives will result in some gems that can be turned up and posted here and on flickr. Or I can get out into the darkroom and finish some proofs that need to be done, not to mention a couple of prints I've promised some people.

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Anonymous said...

i started having problems with my 5400 this week, hopefully i can also get a free fix.