Creativity v Technology

One of the things I have noticed using the new Canon 300D is that as I (can) have *complete* control over how the camera works I'm less inclined to use it as a tool that I have subverted to make random/accidental images with. Hmm it's kinda hard to put into words here, but what I have done in the past is used semi-automatic or automatic cameras and exploited their shortcomings to produce what *I* think are interesting images. Now this camera has the ability to allow me complete control over the final image, ie aperture AND shutter speeds, with a fairly straightforward TTL approach and now I feel less inclined to use the camera in the other ways that I have used digital/auto cameras. It's like digital *film* is still NOT a serious enough medium, to warrant an approach that is more than shooting from the hip to see what I get? Gary Winnogrand made this his life's work, he left a legacy of hundreds and thousands of rolls of film unprocessed and unproofed, he is often quoted saying that he took photographs to see how things looked photographed and digital is more than a perfect medium for this yet I still can't attach a level of seriousness to the "act of" deliberately pointing a digital camera at a scene and making an image with it. I have made a couple of quick prints from the Canon 300D and while they are more than acceptable the resolution doesn't quite make it to A3 sadly, still they are big enough to hang on a wall and have some presence of their own. And while we are at it, it is countdown time to the trip away, two weeks and counting. I predict a tight one this week on BB with it being between Terri, and Krystal, I soooooooo want Krystal to go it's going to be a tight one though, this fan site site has a pretty good track record and this is why I have changed my mind from Paul to the 2 girls, besides Paul didn't cop such a bad week of editing as I thought he would?

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