The beginnings of the series, looking at texture tension and 2d.

Shot in Sutherland lane, handheld with my 'blad, 1/125 @ f4 or f5.6, developed in D25, @ 24 ° Celcius for 13 minutes.[I need to stop being lazy and carry a tripod around more]. Besides these laneways seems to see very little light at the best of times!

Normally I wouldn't print this dark, but it seems to suit the location, and who knows how the idea will pan out over the coming months. I am already planning on writing a 2008 CCP application, as I am not holding much hope for the 2007 one.

I am glad photoshop, handles black and white better than colour, I seem to be drifting back towards it as a medium of expression. The lessons that I have learnt form foray into digital are still being rationalised in my head. This doesn't mean I will stop using it as a means of working, but certainly will change how I use it, and my approach as well.

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